Concerned Voices about the World Health Organization's contract with Baxter concerning the swine flu vaccination

Baxter has been proven to be potentially corrupt and dangerous with numerous past

Without resorting to paranoia, which is not necessary, these past weeks. has been scary for us all as the outbreak of a new swine flu virus has occurred all over the world. This is a new strain of the virus, and possesses recombined DNA from strains of human influenza, avian influenza, and swine influenza. The World Health Organization has awarded Baxter International, Inc with the vaccination contract, a company that is well-known for its protective efforts against H5N1 avian influenza (bird flu) and also for their manufacturing of standard, seasonal influenza vaccines--the stuff that everyone catches in the winter.

However, just over a month ago, Baxter International's Austrian branch was manufacturing samples of vaccines for strandard, seasonal flu vaccinations when they shipped out samples for use in laboratories that had been infected with live H5N1 avian influenza. The samples were shipped to laboratories in neighboring countries, and in the Czech Republic, ferrets injected with the vaccine sample died of a live strain of H5N1 avian influenza.

I would read that paragraph over again if I were you and think about how incredibly terrifying that is. If what killed those ferrets escaped from that laboratory (which, incredibly fortunately, it didn't), a full-scale pandemic would've very likely occurred, which a death ratio of up to 60%.

While it in all likelihood was an accident--granted, an extraordinarily careless accident that a whole department probably should be fired for--it happened and was swept under the rug by most mainstream news providers, probably to avoid a panic. But right now is not the time to keep this story from people.

If a vaccine or treatment is produced by Baxter, and they make the same or a similar mistake they did before...the following could happen.

1. Healthy person decides to protect him/herself against swine flu and take the vaccine.

2. Healthy person contracts swine flu and god knows what else from the treatment/vaccine.

3. Person is no longer healthy and dies within weeks, but not before spreading this supervirus to other human beings.

It's a deadly prospect.

But I think that if we fight this, if we spread awareness on what is happening, we can stop this company from manufacturing a solution to a very serious problem.

Thanks for your time.