Common Law Marriage

Woman without vows share the same responsibilities, we should be treated equally.

Dear congress, this petition is from a single mother of three children, wWho dedicated almost fourteen years of her life to a man, a man thats now trying to evict my childre and i, out of a house that we helped to build. I think that unmarried woman thats been with a mon or a woman over a certain period of time should be entitled to somethings.We are humanbeings too and deserve to be treated fairly. I've given my sweat and tears to a man that never appreciated nothing. I put my saving and all my trust in a foundation that i'm not sure of what my faith will be when everything is all said an done. my children and i for all i know may become homeless, because i ha trust and faith in a man that haslet me down. I need the system to protect people like myself, who's left out in the cold. Please consider my petition, i also know that there is millions like me out there that has fall short to evil hands.

sincerly yours

Stacey Ann Brown