College Loan Scam University of Phoenix

I am a 60 year old single mother from California who went through a horrible divorce and lost everything. I started University of Phoenix in 2009 to hopefully find a way to support my family. Previously I had owned a business with my ex who deliberately stole all the inventory and money making it worthless. I was very cautious about getting in debit with student loans, and I was given the pell grant and fasa, my employer even paid for a class. When I saw my loan was at $4000.00 I completely stopped going because I was so scared Id never be able to pay it off and I had only gone for less than a year. The last class I took was at the community college. I went into a break down, my business was lost, I lost my job and I had 3 small kids to take care of.
The next thing i know I start getting bombarded with a company called ECMC saying that I owe them over 20,000 for University of Phoenix! How did $4000.00 go to $20,000 and thats without interest. This company said they sent back all my government grants, FASA and the PELL. I have no proof of that and why?
I have no money to my name. I barely live from paycheck to paycheck. I still have 2 kids living with me. I only bring home $3000 a month!
This was a huge scam! I never agreed to this and I cannot pay. Now I find out that the school was not even accredited! They had phony documents saying it was accredited. That was very important to me, so I cant even transfer any credits! Total scam!
Please I need help! I need loan forgiveness for this insane debit. I only took about 6 classes! This is insane and such a scam!

What do I do?

Please help me or I will be living on the streets.

Lori Fitton

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