Class Action Suit against Joe Biden

We need ALL Republicans to get on the same page to save America from China Joe putting America last on every issue and he can't even explain clearly what and why he is doing these stupid actions, which means he is being manipulated by a shadow operative. Every decision he makes is a disaster for all Americans. He has caused inflation to skyrocket causing high gas prices and high food prices. He invited the illegal immigrants to come to America through the southern border bringing in Covid, drugs and crime to America and transporting them illegally across America violating 8 U.S. Code ยง 1324 - Bringing in and harboring certain aliens. This violation is a definite impeachable offense. Why no action from congress??? Maybe YOU could do this: File a class-action suit, a federal lawsuit against Joe Biden himself, on the southern border. Because ... Joe Biden himself destroyed border security in the USA. Just him. Nobody else. He did it. That's demonstrable. It's provable. And if the governors and congress banded together and filed the lawsuit against President Biden, saying that he is not upholding established immigration law, which he clearly isn't, that could get to the Supreme Co
urt ... that's the big one.