Citizens United to Change and Repeal 924(c) "Stacking Statute"

We strongly urge Congress to pass Bill H.R. 1254 which will aid in true Criminal Justice Reform?

Congressman Bobby Scott has submitted Criminal Justice Reform Bill H.R. 1254, ?The Recidivism Clarification Act of 2015?. This bill would save taxpayers roughly $6 Billion dollars by reducing the time in prison for approximately 3,000 inmates who were sentenced to excessive time. Supporting this bill will restore lives, families and give those inmates a chance to be contributing productive citizens.

This bill would address the excessive, severe, and irrational mandatory consecutive penalties that are added onto exiting mandatory minimums, a practice commonly known as ?stacking?. The current ?stacking statute? has led to grossly disproportionate, irrational, and excessive sentences that often do not fit the crime charged and way above the recommended sentencing guidelines which were substantially less. This bill further clarifies that sentences can only be ?stacked? when the defendant is a ?true recidivist? ? meaning the defendant had a prior qualifying predicated conviction that had already been final.

We, Citizens United to Change and Repeal 924(c) ?Stacking Statute? strongly believe these relatively few inmates deserve to be re-evaluated and permitted to petition for relief for excessive sentences. The families of these men and women are hopeful that you, Congress, are truly sincere about wanting criminal justice reform that would facilitate ?Liberty and Justice for All?. Please recommend Bill H.R. 1254 be brought to the floor for a vote?..then APPROVE THIS BILL!

Let?s Get It Done?.

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Jan 12th, 2018
Carla J. from East Moline, IL writes:
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My fiance is currently serving a life sentence for a crime by law carries 10 years. He is one of many statistics that was sentence under the "stacking"act for a non-violent crime. Prison should provide rehabilitation the same as Drug treatment programs and hospital therapy. Prison should provide structure, education and guidance for the inmates to return to society with the neccesary tools of knowing how to be a productive citizens. Valuing the oppurtunity of a second chance to not only be a productive member of society but a better husband, father, son and man! When judges issues unrealistic sentences to individuals, in addition, the federal facilities do not offer absolute not rehabilitating programs not only traps their body but minds as well. This type of sentencing, or rather cruel and unneccessary punishment will not correct ones behavior physically, mentally, emotionally nor spiritually. Not giving them a second chance to see there mishaps, correct them and become productive takes away ones life to live. Speaking for myself, my fiance was in total darkness due to his life sentence. Satan had his foot on his neck with No Hope! His sentencing has taking a great toll on me, my daughter and his kids lives. I feel I'm walking in my grandmother shoes humming and praying for a better change. I give my all to keep him positive, focus and believing that there's a God that can touch one heart to overchange this harsh and cruelity of punishment. Where is the justice? Is it "Just" what the judge decided even when he is making a wrongful unrealistic decision for punishment? I'm Pleading that this bill be brought to the House and Congress, voted and passed. Give our men and women a second chance to not only becomer greater but also to assist in the millions of dollars that can be saved and utilizied into a greater rehabilitating facility.
Dec 31st, 2017
Simon R B. from Tyler, TX writes:
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I don't know how to put it nicely, but the 924(c) stacking statutes are some of the most ludicrous laws in the land, and there are many. Unfortunately they are affecting human lives; no only the prisoners, but their families as well. It's past time that this country stand up for it's beliefs in human dignity and and justice for all.
Dec 30th, 2017
Amanda L. from Bryan, TX signed.
Dec 29th, 2017
April H. from Iola, TX signed.
Dec 29th, 2017
Makela H. from Iola, TX signed.
Dec 9th, 2017
Stephanie L. from Houston, TX signed.
Dec 1st, 2017
Traci T. from Columbus, OH signed.
Nov 20th, 2017
Chaneka S. from Portsmouth, VA signed.
Nov 11th, 2017
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Nov 11th, 2017
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