Citizen Petition To Stop Climate Alarmism Costs to Americans

Citizen Petition To Stop Climate Alarmism Costs to Americans

By my signature below I hereby join the growing number of scientists and informed citizens deeply concerned by the dire predictions and proposed solutions of Climate Alarmists.

Fears that mankind has created a ?planetary emergency? are scientifically unfounded, and as such the doomsday predictions of Climate Alarmists are irresponsible and dangerous. Also, the solutions proposed by Climate Alarmists would have a harmful and possibly devastating impact on our economy, without any detectable climatic impact let alone benefit.

Given that "catastrophic Man-made global warming" is the sole justification, I oppose U.S. participation in any treaty or agreement, mandatory domestic limits on CO2, and any federal or state carbon "tax? or ?cap-and-trade? system. Finally, any legislation containing mandatory provisions in the name of "climate change" must require demonstration, through cost-benefit or similar analysis, that its provisions would produce quantifiable climate benefit.

It is time to stop promoting dangerous Climate Alarmism and instead engage a free and open debate on environmental issues without the anti-scientific, anti-democratic intimidation tactics that increasingly accompany climate alarmism.