CIFTA & 2nd Amendment Rights

Protecting our 2nd Amendment Rights...

The Department of Defense recently issued a directive that would have stopped the sale of expended military brass (fired cases) to the civilian market for re-manufacture known as reloading. Thankfully it was shortly reversed due to the public outcry from Second Amendment advocates.

This directive was intended to ban law abiding American citizens from reloading spent ammunition, the making of accessories, repairs and customizations illegal unless you could get approval and license from the government; which is unlikely due to costs and excessive regulations. It would also subject law abiding American citizens to regulation by an international authority, impose another costly bureaucracy on tax payers, and risk the confiscation and destruction of privately held firearms and ammunition if found to be in non-compliance with the treaty's regulations.

Many Americans saw the directive as a back door move by the Obama administration to control access to the civilian ammunition supplies since the front door closed on the landmark decision by the U.S. Supreme Court in the Washington D.C. Heller case, which reaffirmed the second amendment on the right of private citizens to keep and bear arms. Americans are seeing this new move as another threat to U.S. sovereignty and gun ownership rights.

If the CIFTA treaty is ratified, and not having defined the exceptions to its many requirements within our constitution, it would usurp U.S. sovereignty on these matters and opens the door to additional legislation to support its application in U.S. law. If this treaty is ratified, the U.S. would be up against the vote of many nations who favor oppressive gun controls. This treaty wasn't right for the U.S. ten years ago and it's still not right!

Does our government need a history lesson to be reminded that the purpose of the Constitution was to provide a framework for our government to govern by, and the Bill of Rights purpose was to limit the government?s power over the People. The Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution to guarantee the Peoples individual liberties and to make sure that the new government would not treat its citizens the same way that the old colonial government of Great Britain did.

Let this be clearly understood by those that are elected to serve the people in Arizona and in Washington D.C.; anyone that doesn?t act against a law or treaty that sacrifices U.S. sovereignty on any issue that seeks to undermine our constitutional rights will never be forgotten by the American people! We will organize against you and vote you out of office if you do not protect our Constitutional rights! The choice is yours to listen to us and act as our representative. We trust and hope you will choose wisely.