chronic pain patients who are suffering from CDC 2016 GUIDELINE and OVERREACH OF DEA

Hello from chronic pain patient:

My name is Julio Maisonave in January 15 of 2020 a day that I wish I never came to meet. I was involved in a horrific motorcycle accident that left me terribly injured due to being cut off by a distracted driver. It was approximate 3:11 pm I was going on my way like I've done hundreds of times before and due to this distracted driver missing his exit as I made my way onto the highway I was terribly injured in more ways than I've come to learn. I was thrown off my Motorcycle going 55mph from a distracted driver missing his exit. My left leg had a tibia and fibula had a spiral fracture, head contusion with severe head trauma, four broken ribs right hand broken road rash all throughout my body. The only upside is being knocked out so I didn't experience the excruciating pain my body had experience because of that distracted driver missing his exit. I have had four surgery' s on my left leg being repaired and then I caught a staph infection on my bone causing osteomyelitis the point is now without the medication treatment that made me somewhat able to have a quality of life I deserve to work enjoy my family has been taken away from me. Due to the CDC 2016 GUIDELINE and OVERREACH by DEA my pain management doctor forced me to be tapered down to nearly 1/3 of my original dose that gave me a chance to live and work again. And now I'm forced to be totally disabled due to medication treatment that worked for me for a better Tommorrow was cut to 1/3 dose I just want a chance that's all I'm asking. THANK YOU