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Currently over 140 million Americans have chronic pain. Since the implementation of the CDC Guidelines and the government's war on drugs, innocent people are being hurt. Over 120 million people used opioids for chronic pain in 2014 responsibly, without abusing or selling them, and keeping them out of the hands of children. Many people are contemplating suicide as a means to an end of their pain. Stop the injustice for these 120 million Americans today. Exempt chronic pain patients from the scrutiny and inhumanity associated with the laws created for those who may be abusing drugs. Let the doctors practice medicine as they see fit, not according to a non-specific percentage mandated by the FDA. Medical decisions must be left to the doctor and patient. The government cannot put false limits on the amount of medication it takes to prevent avoidable decline and death due to pain. The only way to make a dent on the Heroin Epidemic is to go after the source, not innocent victims.

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Mar 15th, 2017
Someone from Hayden, AZ signed.
Mar 7th, 2017
Wendie B. from Mandeville, LA writes:
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This is inhumane! So many people will have no choice but to commit suicide for relief of their diseases or injuries. Remember you took an oath to cause no harm. Please have !mercy on these patients.
Mar 6th, 2017
Keith R. from Lakeside, AZ signed.
Mar 2nd, 2017
Jim M. from Medical Lake, WA writes:
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Need to find alternative yes, but simply "cutting" people from this is unsafe in many areas and without a feasible backup makes zero sense.
Mar 2nd, 2017
Renee M. from Medical Lake, WA writes:
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Since the guidelines, I have suffered so much with savage chronic pain and have lost my doctor of 14 years because he cared about his pain patients. Most doctors just don't hand out pain pills, in my case we tried everything, medications, theraphys, counseling, massage, prolotheraphy, all the nerve blocks and other injections, herbs and etc. After everything else failed, then I started on low dosages of pain medications, finally getting relief. I have Central Pain Syndrome, there is no cure or treatment other than pain medications and some anti seizure medications to ease our pain, which if you read up on it, every year your pain worsens from the last year. Please stop this insane guidelines and instead I agree with a pain contract, if you are using your medications as prescribed then you will do fine, but if you are an addict and sell or over use it, then you should be taken of this life saving medicine. Real Chronic Pain Sufferers deserve relief, so that we too can enjoy our life. Imagine if you have really bad cerebral palsy and there was this pill you could take to let you experience life as normal as possible, out of the wheel car, your arms and legs move as intended and such, the world would be calling these doctors and the CDC monsters for taking this God Blessed pill away, worried that cerebral palsy patients might enjoy life TOO MUCH! I know it doesn't make sense, but that is how I feel about the CDC's guidelines on Pain medications, not heroin, not crack, not meth, but a pharmaceutical pill to lessen a person's chronic pain. Please stop this insanity and keep us on the medications that help and if you are worried about us becoming addicts, then create another option that will ease our pain first before you take away the only thing out there that has given me my life.
Feb 28th, 2017
Someone from Rockville, MD writes:
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This is really sad. I am dealing with chronic pain. I have never abused Vicodin but now I feel like a criminal for asking. The new CDC/Dea laws are punishing real people, who just want to have some quality to their life. If anyone can tell me who to contact, I will. I am 66 years old have been taking Vicodin for many years with no problem. Now the new guidelines, make people that are in terrible pain feel worse and scared
Feb 24th, 2017
Valerie B. from Yucca Valley, CA signed.
Feb 23rd, 2017
Someone from Stockton, CA writes:
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This is very sad as I am a chronic pain patient ! I'm confined. To bed due to the pain !! Researching this problem on botb sides., Doczors are scared & are starting to tell the next generation not to become Doctors! Why because of the regulations & fear! They say - We can not treat the patients properly any longer ! My question is - since when did the DEA - get a degree to practice & why is it the handful of famous people who died made this to reflect on patients & Dr.'s! This is causing more problems according to a recent Documentary - chronic pain patients are going to the streets for medications. It's seems to me , that it's creating more problems! I have a rare disorder &. Many allergic reactions to many medications ! It's difficult to go from having a full active life n now down to just existing- we didn't ask to become sick n we suffer daily, Try to live the way we do for 1 week - there is no quality of life and no help now due to the interference of the DEA - A pharmacist gets fined 25,000 dollars for a missed signature - what will happen to our future generations. If both the pharmacist n Dr - go into different fields because of hefty fines, regulations , & not being able to treat patients freely - based on the education & what the Dr beloved is the appropriate treatment?
Feb 22nd, 2017
Someone from MISSION HILL, SD writes:
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I agree and fully support this!!! Go after the real problem and leave the Chronic Pain sufferers and the Doctors alone!!!
Feb 18th, 2017
Someone from Jacksonville, FL writes:
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My husband is a Vietnam vet and the va has stopped giving him pain medication. His va doctor says it comes from his boss don't get mad at him. Question. They are so worried about suicides from the ones (which are few) that abuse but what the hell do they think these guys like my husband will do now. They just want to get rid of older ones sooner.