Child Support Obliee Accountability

Obligee is required to provide evidence that would validate that the obligator's money is being spent on the care of the children

As I learn more about the child support system and how it operates I have noticed some flaws in the system, one being highly significant. While the child support system supports obligees and insures them justice the system fails miserably to do the same for the obligator. For instance, my husband pays $500 a month in child support for his two children, however the kids show up at our house with ripped clothing on, often missing socks and well overdue for haircuts. Furthermore, the obligee has a new house, two new cars, dirt bikes and a boat. It is evident that this money is not going to the children, but to the obligee?s own interests at the expense of the children. This is ridiculous! Five-hundred dollars a month is more than enough to provide the children with clothing as well as regular haircuts. Yet, the child support system does not monitor where the obligator?s money is going. I am appalled that these kinds of injustices are permitted in this country. This is completely unfair to the obligator. It isn?t right for one parent to be required to provide child support and the other not be required to show evidence that validates that the obligator?s money was spent for the care of the children. The obligee must be held accountable to the Division of Child Support in order to insure that the obligator?s money is in fact going to the care of the children. Furthermore the obligee should have to report as well as provide proof as to how the child support money was spent to the Division of Child Support,. Evidence for example, could be clothing receipts, hair cut receipts etc.

I want to recruit your help to repeal unfair child support laws and push for new laws to go into effect that favor both the obligator and the obligee. Please respond quickly to this matter!