Child Support Money Card !

Where is my money going,i got the rights to know as a non-custodial parent !

Thank you Mr. or Mrs Congress for your loving time . My name is Shawn Thomas that lives in Hamilton Co. Ohio want to start a petition on that child support money card because as a non-custodial parent i would like to know where my money is spent and if its being spent on my children. Today's people will spend the money on drugs,gambling,out on dates,other peoples kids,other family members,clothes not for the children and other things that i can't even imagine.So i will like to see a change in this system by monitoring what is bought off this card , this card should not have (CASH-MONEY )excess at all. The non-custodial parent(s) should receive a monthly statement (like the banks give you when you bank with them )to see where and how their children is being took of care by the custodial parent(s),its our duty to make sure that our children are getting the best care for their future ! Thank you again you Great Congress ! Signed Shawn M.Thomas