Child support is unconstitutional

Petition for call to action to ratify Title 4 in the Social Security Act for clear and concise procedural requirements for states and particapants to participate in each program.
Supported by a statement of truths.
I am a single father with 3 kids residing in Rochester New York fighting an unjust unlawful child support system design to help decrease the dependency of Americans on welfare services provided by the government. It is sad and angering to say that these guidelines for Title 4 are not being adhered to by family courts and other courts across America and the public is outraged and its displacing more and more men from life, liberty and the pursuit of property while putting more loving family men homeless and without seeing their children. Not only has this problem reached critical mass but more fathers are starting to stand up for their rights and want to be heard and heard with remedy now.
From my understanding federal law supersedes all state law and the Constitution is a restriction on government. According to the social security Act section 401 (42 USC 601) (1) the purpose is to provide assistance to needy families so that children may be cared for in their own homes. (2) and the dependency of needy parents on government benefits by promoting job preparation work and marriage (4) encourage the formation and maintenance of two-parent families (b) no individual entitlement, (case law blessings vs. freestone). Most families would not be defined or accepted in the program as being "needy" like the SS Act States and therefore should not be entitled to Title 4D's illegal (involuntary servitude, US Constitution) contract business practices. I urge you to take action by informing every judge across this country with an order for adhering strictly to the SS Act regulations along with specific income and other country wide standardized requirements of participants for acceptance into title 4 programs with due process (being told it's a voluntary service amongst other info) along with implimenting a checks and balances program designed to cross-referencing and verifying all participants and court records regarding participation in Title 4 and the legislator of that said state would be responsible for looking at results regarding all records and personally address the issue with remedy (removing unlawful judges). This ratification should be drafted up and amended before this out of control, family dividing, money hungry, unlawful crises puts this country in an even worse crisis then we are already in. "In the best interest of the children", not how much money the state recieves in grant money for having more particapants. This would be considered a conflict of intrest (judges receiving money from state-funded pools and making judgments in regards totitle 4 cases). Currently in family court myself and have been illegally jailed for a fraudulent order from a warrent that was never present or signed by a judge, which is kidnapping with no investigation or proof for willful violation to pay the order and was jailed for one extra week after the order was paid (barrowed funds) and release papers signed. My family suffered everyday I was in jail as I nurture and love my 2 year old son daily. Litigating a dismissal of a fraudulent order of protection dirived from no evidence but hearsay from the x wife who has alienated my 2 little girls for almost 2 years from my entire family because her feelings are hurt. This sort of tragedy (women being vindictive and acting off emotions only) happens day to day and it's happening to a greater number of mostly men as the court system favors mother's as statistics from the last decade has proven. This is the largest epidemic plaguing the greater Rochester area and the rest of the country as well. Support my position on the changes listed within this petition and stop the unjust, unfair, unlawful, unconstitutional, Ttle 4D tragedy. Thank you for your time please feel free to contact me to spearhead this transformational movement or for any other reason.

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