Child support is a 14th amendment violation.

Title IV D through social services is a scam! They are state contractors who are actors, the magistrate's aren't real judges. They are non judicial. They don't have 11th amendment immunity! They don't give you full disclosure on their voluntary contracts. They are in violation of 18usc 242 for not giving people due process . The sheriffs and court staff have oaths to the constitution and witness this fraud on the court making them cowards and also violators of their oath to the u.s. constitution and their state constitution. The executive and legislative branch should be held accountable on every level for this blatant violation . They knowingly sit back and watch the destruction of our homes and America and do nothing like they are agents of the devil. I guess the states pecuniary interest out weighs our lives and rights .We need change and we need it right now . we are gonna be suing these private contractors so hard as our momentum builds from this pain. I'm a parent who has suffered being arrested and humiliated at the hands of fraudulent actors and I demand change . I feel the pain of everybody who's been through this hardship and it's not a game or is it? I will always be there for my offspring with or without child support enforcement you hear me? Shout out to everyone striving to help us out here suffering from this fraud on the people and the court. To my brothers and sisters out there we will prevail .......
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