Child abuse sexually abused and physical abuse by Tulare county ca

TULARE COUNTY is not following the us civil rights or constitution they are using the power to do human trafficking with our children it’s so stressful and overwhelming for us I know this is wrong how many more children every second count I have 6 ages 1,3,5,7,10, and 13 I have proof of my 3 year old sexual abuse I have reported to every single Human Resources child abuse hot line police and its painful to see or imagine that a foster care provider sexual harassment and no matter how many reports they don’t do any thing powerless that’s not ok children are defenseless and should not have to be going through this if anyone can help us here it would do a lot for a lot of children every second count don’t let us keep getting taken advantage just because they have power agents the powerless children shouldnt have to be harmed they are to be loved please stop this system of Tulare county cps it is more like human trafficking explosion of children