Changing Work at Will Laws

As a person who has had to go through the hiring and getting terminated or quitting process in America, I believe the Work at Will laws are totally ridiculous. I have not walked into one company that has practiced Hire at Will without a process with me. Every company will either have me fill out a paper application or online application where they are getting over detailed information about me and even conducting background checks asking for medical, criminal, and drivers information. After that, they will take me through a waiting process for a phone call without promise of hire. I can't work at will. I have to wait. Then alot of them won't call even when promising to at least call and tell me their decision. If they hire me, then, nothing like hiring me, someone from the hiring office or a manager can just walk up to me and tell me I am terminated without even giving me a proven excuse or paperwork. That's giving them too much power and a ridiculous setup to be involved in. It is alot more reasonable that any company who took that much information about any person and took them through a hiring process where they asked them alot of questions and did a background check, also by law not be allowed under any circumstance to say that person is not up to their standards without going through a process just as detailed. With this they should also by law be required to give in paper a written statement explaining why they concluded the employee was a good fit at first but then changed their mind. Then the employee should have an opportunity to explain or change any problems hindering their employment. If hiring is strict and detailed, firing should be too. Without a strict firing law, companies with alot of applicants will just let good employees go for a better applicant after giving the first the job over and over. That is unfair to a person. Or they will fire them for petty issues like fashion trends, and discriminatory categories.