Change the Satellite Distant Network Laws

We urge Congress and the Senate to find a solution for the outdated distant network laws for satellite providers.

In 2010, the Satellite Television Extension and Localism Act (aka STELA) was signed into law by the President of the United States, and it replaces the previous SHVERA law. But unfortunately, the strict law of getting the broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC) from east and west coast on satellite remains the same. This law requires those to file a waiver to the local stations in your home Designated Market Area (DMA) if 1.)You don't get local-into-local stations of the affiliated networks on satellite. 2.)If you lived in an unserved household. But the law saids if you have local-into-local service, you cannot get the distant network feeds on satellite. That means you're forced to get the local-into-local networks from your DMA you live in. We believe that the Nielsen's DMA is outdated.

We believe people getting waivers to get the four networks is frustrating. Millions of subscribers who filed for waivers are mostly denied by the local stations. We urging Congress and the Senate to eliminate the waiver system and change the distant network laws to let everyone get the New York/Los Angeles ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC stations on satellite. The main issue is if we could listen to radio stations from other cities, why not television stations from other cities? Also, in the new law, it prohibits time-shifting on networks broadcast three hours later than in your own time zone. We think that's unfair. The distant network laws shouldn't be just for RV owners.

Also we urging Congressmen/Congresswomen and Senators to tell the FCC to eliminate the Network non-duplication and exclusivity rules as well.

How would you feel if your favorite network program is not cleared by the affiliate? (For example in Greenville, South Carolina, the NBC affiliate WYFF-TV does not air the 4th hour of "Today"). People wanted to see network programs in its entirety rather than being pre-empted. The have been denied to get it.

We urging Congress and the Senate to change the Distant Network laws and offer freedom of choice. This is America, we believe in freedom, that what this country is for. But unfortunately, freedom isn't always free.