Change Laws To Protect Children

Make Raping and Abusing of Children Punishable By Death Penalty

As a survivor of severe child abuse of the three most common kinds, (physical, emotional and sexual)I've always felt it my responsibility to reach out to others who have been abused and help them deal with their grief of loss of "childhood". As time goes by I've noticed these crimes are still happening and these people who commit the crimes are getting away with "traumatizing and murdering the spirits" of these children. The sentences are not harsh enough because some of these "registered offenders" keep re-offending. I and the following signees believe that any man, woman who abuses (willfully beats, not to discipline, but to inflict pain and anguish) or rapes a child (non adult under the age of 18) should be punished accordingly to the heinousness of their crimes, murderers get the death penalty and 25-life, people who rape babies should never be allowed back on the streets, repeat child sex offenders (people who do sex crimes against children) should only have a 2-strike law meaning if they've been convicted once, the second time should be their last and they should get life in prison. Parents who have abused their children should never be allowed near a child ever again nor be allowed to conceive anymore children to abuse. The people who drive cars have to get screened and licensed, so do people who want to own firearms legally, maybe we need a Department of Parental Screening & Licensing. The laws need to change NOW. People who do these crimes have no conscience and no remorse, they need to be dealt with the severity that equals the sentence of trauma and nightmares they dealt to their victims. These crimes are violent and horrific and should be punishable with the same severity that we punish murderers and serial killers.