Change how child support effects a father

Hello I'm a concerned citizens of fathers that try there best to be apart of there children lives and is denied because the mother is anger that is simple unfair and unjust to the child why should a child miss out on a father because of anger mothers this has gone on long enough a father's license for certifications and driver license are taken away why that makes it harder for them to pay for a child they don't even get to see because all laws states that a father who has proven to be the father has to petition the court get a lawyer and fight for a child that is equally there's as well mothers should not be given support unless they can prove they are cordially allowing the father to be in the child's life further more if receipts show a father being supportive then it she count as support when a woman decides to go for child support it's not because the father is not helping it is because they are mad which doesn't seem good if your the head parent it makes no sense that the state get more money then the child that is to be supported also shouldn't the mother be able to support the child on her own anyway? Because if cps was involved they would consider a mother that can't buy clothes and and pay bills an unstable parent child support laws need to be changed for the child's sake not the mothers evil get back because there are fathers that beg desperately to be in their child's life and is denied that do to bitter women.