Change the GI Bills transferability

This petition is to change how soldiers can transfer their GI Bill to their dependants.

I am a soldier currently serving in the military. I am about to get out of the military for my family, and I cannot transfer my GI Bill to my wife. I researched and you must serve your initial enlistment and then reenlist for a minimum of four year in order to transfer your GI Bill. Or you must serve six years and owe four more to the military. So I must serve five more years if I want to give my wife something that I already earned in my initial enlistment. I believe that the current GI Bill is unfair to thousands of soldiers and their families. I know that there are thousands of soldiers whom do not wish to go to college, are not educated enough to go to college, are disabled to the point where they cannot go to college, or cannot serve long enough to transfer their benefits because of their disability. The GI Bill is in my contract, it's the same as the pay check that I work for every day. I would like to use what I worked hard for by giving it to my wife, so she may get her masters as a Physician Assistant. Please change the GI Bills so that after a soldier honorably serves his term of enlistment they may give it to a dependant. Please consider what has been presented because it is right and fair to all soldiers.

Thank You for your time.