Change Child Support Laws in every State

Child Support laws should be fair across the board.

Congress child support laws should change in each state. Non custodial parents need to be held accountable for not contributing financially to the care of their children. I think not taking responsibility for a child should be considered a felony and there should be no minimum amount of 5,000 or 10,000 dollars before action is taken. If a mother or father are able bodied citizens, they should be able to help financially in some form. I have amended child support orders down to 80 dollars for 2 children and still the father of my children does not pay. I am a working single parent with 2 jobs, that still doesn't equal full time pay so I am not trying to leach from anyone. It's time for the child support standards and laws to change, and for mothers and fathers that are not active emotionally and financially in their kids life to be held accountable.there should be stricter laws such as jail time with work release, so that the non custodial parent has no choice but to work and pay their part for the care of their child or children.