Cell Phone Protocols For The Classroom

Free Classroom Switch Gives Teachers On/Off Control Over Cell Phones In The Classroom

Over the past decade, cell phone and other wireless communication technologies have become a ubiquitous part of society. As with many great inventions, human behavior has found a way to cast a very disturbing shadow of darkness. As such, in learning environments across the globe, the cell phone has become the favorite form of cheating, bullying and classroom disruption. This has caused nearly 90% of grade schools, high schools, and colleges to enact harsh disciplinary measures in what is considered by many educators to be a constant, winless battle.

Equally important is the fact these devices hold an immense power of untapped learning potential. The possibilities are endless. Futuristic thinkers envision the not so distant classroom to comprise wireless tablets to replace all textbooks. The incredible education savings and eco-friendly environmental achievements that exist in this realm are monumental.

However, there is one major hurdle. With over 650 different makes and models, there is not one distraction prevention or safety protocol in any of these devices making it impossible for an educator to control their learning environment. In their current form, the use of cell phones and other wireless technologies in the classroom environment often become detrimental to teaching. To minimize this problem, Try Safety First (TSF) has developed a remedy to provide both teachers and students the best of both worlds. In its simplified explanation, each classroom gains a universal on/off switch to effect the wireless communication devices inside the respective classroom.

TSF has developed a simple classroom protocol which provides educators the ability to use wireless technologies (cell phones, tablets, netbooks, etc.) as a teaching tool when desired and then flip a switch to sleep these devices when time for a quiz or other instruction. (All emergency 911 and two parental emergency numbers always remain active). Students could actually use their phones between class and during lunch should school policy permit. And the best part ? TSF?s business model when followed according to plan outfits every grade school, high school and college across the country absolutely FREE.

It is hereby petitioned for our Congressional leaders to mandate as a firmware standard the inclusion of the TSF classroom protocol or its equivalent in all wireless communication technologies.