Cease the government shutdown before the effects are detrimental

Is this shutdown helping or harming the economy? Going into the third week of a shutdown, they have workers working voluntarily (without pay), the threat of people being homeless, no food for people, and not to mention the increase stress on the economy. The government provides funding for over 40 million people who depends on the help from different agencies, federal employees depend on a paycheck and stability (home/work). If the government does not come up with a solution to this stand-off, there will be: an increase in crime (theft or worse) that will devastate each state, a decline in the markets because the lack of resources to buy or offer services. We understand national security is important but there is already enough funding for border protection, his/her salaries and other agencies protecting our nation's security. For the sake of not creating a bigger problem, please open the government back up.

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Jan 20th, 2019
Donna D. from Woodbridge, VA writes:
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Not only are you affecting the Government Workers. You are destroying small businesses in Northern Virginia. Over 75% of our customers work for the Federal Government. Our sales are suffering because of Congress. BUILD THE WALL.

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