Caylee's Law

Make it a felony to not report a missing child within 24 hours.

In light of current events and over 800,000 people on a single page alone, fighting as hard as they can fight for a resolution to a nightmare; It's time to change the law. It NEEDS to be a FELONY to neglect reporting a missing child within 24 hours. Any parent, or 1/2 hearted human being KNOWS it is WRONG to NOT report a missing loved one, particularly a child. This won't go away, we the people will not back down. Do the right thing, and support something that should be common sense. 1 person is only 1, over 1 million screaming the same thing should show it's worth fighting for. We're never going to stop fighting. THIS is something that MATTERS!! Please for the love of everything holy, don't let another person get away with murder and never have even reported their child missing. This country is better than that.
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