Casework help against veterans administration

Violations of my 1st amendment right to film in the VA to prove despicable treatment of me and illegal soviet style complaints stagegy disruptive behavior red flag committee members are communists and Donald Trump just started Violations of the constitution. The VA is guilty of Violations of my rights since 1979 when I got out and they refused to uphold my rights by default of breach of contract. By not paying for disability pay still. They are criminals from top to bottom Violations 18 usc sect 249 . Title 18 usc sect 241 conspiracy against my rights willfully and thinking their above the law is title 18 usc sect242 deprivation of constitution rights under color of law. A crime report and democrats the VA senate committee using veteran as a slave, I assert my rights not to go to war slavery is abolished, Houston vs hill 1987 freedom of speech. Cohen vs California, Schneider vs United States1919. Do not go to war assert you rights slavery has been abolished. VA is a criminal Trump is a choir boy. Get va first they are the ones violating my civil rights lawsuit.