Calling for A Shared Jerusalem, where the rights of all are respected

Support justice and dignity for all, including Israelis and Palestinians.

I am writing to express my concern about the deep impact of the Israeli occupation on every aspect of life in Jerusalem. During Holy Week, for example, pilgrims from all over the world come to Jerusalem, yet Christians who live just next door to the city must get permits to worship there and may be denied entry altogether.

Even as the final status of Jerusalem remains officially undetermined?awaiting a negotiated peace agreement?the facts on the ground continue to change in such a way that Palestinians are increasingly deprived of basic human rights.

? Palestinians living in Jerusalem face housing discrimination. It is nearly impossible for them to get building permits, and when they build without permits, they face the very real threat of having their homes and other structures demolished. Building continues, however, in the illegal Jewish settlements in East Jerusalem.

? Residency rights, educational opportunities, and freedom of movement are all adversely affected by the Israeli occupation.

I urge you to take action to support a shared Jerusalem where the rights of all are respected. I ask you to insist that the Israeli government halt home and property demolitions, end settlement expansion, establish fair residency laws, and allow freedom of movement for education, worship, and all aspects of daily life.

As a person of faith and a U.S. citizen, it is important to me that my government support justice and dignity for all, including Israelis and Palestinians.

I thank you for your service and for considering my views.