Bullied by CPS

To whom this may concern:
I would like to start off by saying thank you for taking time out of your day to read this.
My name is Tyreil Shirley and I am all for petitioning against CPS. No matter what changes you make in life they still come back to bully us single parents into not being parents. Dec7,2017 my children were removed by CPS on false accusations nd falsified documentations. I did everything required of me to do in order to get my children and by the grace of God they were returned. I didn't have my mother growing up she passed when I was six weeks old so I try my hardest to be a mother and be there nd protect nd guide my children in the right direction.
Recently my children attended olmos elementary school while there I realized the school offered help so I as the parent went to speak to her. Those tables turned quickly. I was discussing with the family counselor about a friend I was concerned about and she took it upon herself to call CPS on me. Fought the case and the guy returned on some I looked at your passed history and I need to know this that and the third. To use my pass against me has to be illegal in some form I need help or shut them down. I'm scared to even place my children in school

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