Bring Jobs Back To America!

I am writing to express my concern about the number of American jobs being exported to other countries. As you are well aware, many Americans are suffering through the economic downturn. Hundreds of U.S. companies export their jobs to other countries while millions of Americans are jobless. It is understandable that due to the economic conditions, companies need to find ways to trim costs but exporting their jobs should be discouraged. Offshoring jobs pose potential security risks for the companies as well as their customers. Companies risk having their trade secrets shared with competitors, their networks and systems becoming vulnerable to intrusions and their customers? data confidentiality being compromised.

I respectfully ask you to propose a bill to incentivize American companies for bringing their offshored jobs back to the U.S. and also for keeping current and future jobs here, for the American workers. The U.S. government should create conditions in which American companies would prefer to employ Americans versus exporting their jobs overseas.

Thank you very much.