Bring Jobs Back it the USA

Bring Jobs Back it the USA

A simple solution to recovering our economy is bringing jobs back to the USA; this can be accomplished with a simple 3 year plan. Step 1: make it mandatory for all government and defense agencies to buy 80 % of there purchases from companies that are 100% United States production. Meaning all parts are made and assembled in the United States, using United States growers, suppliers and resources.

Step 2: Current contract holders would have 3 years to move 80% of there production and change suppliers to American sources with a minimum of 33% transition for the first year and 66% transition in the second year with 80% being completed at the beginning of the 3rd year. Any company failing to meet these deadlines would immediately lose there contract and the position would be put up for qualifying bids.

This 1 adjustment alone would create millions of jobs and re-stimulate our economy. In addition all military vehicles and weapons should be 100% made in America By Americans.

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