Bring back "Made In America"

The "Made In China" trend has GOT to go. I'm getting tired of all the big head US companies moving most, if not then ALL of their manufacturing plants to China or anywhere with cheap and forced labor. This is not good look for America, as we should be producing our own products rather than heavily relying on a Communist-contorlled country to make low quality trash for us. And don't resolve the problem by paying foreigners higher wages. Fix the problem by actually bringing back Made In America instead. No more raw materials from China, no more pre assembled or fully assembled products from China and ESPECIALLY no trade relations with China. This bullshit has to stop. China has done nothing but caused (and is still causing) heartache and pain for millions of people in the US, Canada, and other countries in the last several years and especially since the end of 2019. Another thing that gets me is how politicians say how dangerous and evil China is, and if that's the case then WHY THE HELL are we still having trade relations with them?! It makes absolutely no sense at all. Well now I think sense needs to be made. And for that I write this to you, begging and pleading that we boycott China and have no sort of trade deals with them any longer.