Bring All Americans into Full Employment

Millions of U.S. citizens are involuntarily unemployed and underemployed [a negative output gap for an individual]. Employer discrimination, illegal and legal, is causing much of this.
It is more urgent to end long-term unemployment than it is to increase the total number of jobs in America. If unemployment were distributed equally, everyone in the workforce would be unemployed for only the percentage of each year corresponding to the real unemployment rate. We could tolerate this financially. Unemployment and underemployment itself is a drag on the economy and on the tax revenues needed for more good programs. We have to ASK all unemployed and underemployed Americans what they should be doing for a good job right now.
There are three ways this country can end underemployment & long-term unemployment.
First, irresistible incentives must be offered to employers to hire, first, people who are involuntarily underemployed and long-term unemployed.
Second, job-sharing groups must be formed.
Third, a new WPA must be created, providing jobs which match the skills of the unemployed & underemployed.
A job-creation bill must respect and reward the ability of inventors & entrepreneurs to see a need for work to be done before an employer posts a help-wanted ad; the “self-taught” status of many people’s potentials; and the fact that many could contribute as part of a team.
Creation of new programs which include new jobs should be guided by asking all Americans: What goods and services does this country have too much of? What goods and services does this country have too little of? What could be done to get us "about the right amounts" of these goods and services? Reallocation of the factors of production can minimize unemployment, underemployment, and poverty without requiring unsustainable economic growth for recovery.
Congress must enact legislation which ends all involuntary underemployment and long-term unemployment. More details should be in the Bill than this petition can describe. All Americans can contribute to it.