We the people of the United States hereby refuse to buy any GM car or product until the federal government returns the company to complete private ownership.

The billions of dollars in loans and handouts made with Chrysler and GM CEOs must stop and be reversed. Any member of Congress who voted in favor of these massive bailouts is now targeted to be replaced at the next election by someone who actually supports our Constitution.

It is not the role of the federal government to buy shares or in any way "own" a private business or corporation. We the people are fed up with an overreaching, overbearing and ever-encroaching federal government and refuse to participate in this fascism taking place before our eyes.

We now know that the billions of dollars wasted on Chrysler went for naught, as the company is declaring bankruptcy on June 1, 2009. A company that was "too big to fail" and HAD to be "rescued" by the federal government is now going under anyway. We the people knew that it would all along, which was why we opposed the first bailout under President Bush.

It was up to Chrysler's management to lay off people, refuse to meet the demands of the union, downsize, or do whatever was necessary to save the company, not the American taxpayer. We now will boycott GM and all its products until the federal government returns it to private hands.