Border Patrol Agent's pay and hours facing a sudden and dramatic 40% cut

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Unless immediate Congressional action is taken to reverse course, in less than a month Border Patrol agents will be facing immediate pay cuts of about 38-40%. Following only a few weeks of formal notification, these cuts will hit dedicated agents and cause a great deal of stress to those who already bravely risk their lives everyday protecting our nation?s Borders. These cuts not only pose a major threat to National Security but are an insult to those who have bled, sweat, sacrificed limbs, lost their careers due to injury, and died in the name of their agency and country. The nature of the job is grueling but agents work tirelessly in extreme conditions to make sure the job gets done. The job itself is inherently dangerous, as highlighted by the fact of the number of agents killed in the line of duty. While other federal workers are facing some level of reduced hours and pay cuts due to the pending furloughs, no other federal employees are due to suffer anything close to this level of dramatic cuts. In fact the Border Patrol agents are being asked to shoulder approximately 75% of the cuts that are hitting their agency. Our nation?s border security will be put at much greater risk following the immediate discontinuation of overtime pay, which is a neccessity to be effective and get the job done when performing border security law enforcement work. <br />
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This is no way to treat the men and women of the Border Patrol who have the important and dangerous job of protecting our nation's borders from terrorists, terrorist weapons, and narcotics smugglers.

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Feb 15th, 2017
Someone from Mission, TX writes:
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Uneducated AGENTS!!! Lack intelligence. Mostly they are ARCHAIC ! Beasts. Lacking skills that would meet criteria for PSYCH DISAVLED. Really,made it past red tape of DISTURBED. I'm disgusted with my experiences. IndigestiĆ³n, reflux, etc...
Jan 27th, 2017
Scott C. from Ontario, CA writes:
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Thanks to a Republican congress cutting funding.
Sep 25th, 2016
Someone from Weslaco, TX signed.
Sep 10th, 2016
Someone from Edinburg, TX signed.
Aug 6th, 2016
Someone from Bend, OR writes:
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Obama gives $400 Billion to Iran, so now the US has to cut the pay of our Border Patrol? ?? Looks like Donald Trump is the only hope we have left for our country - Obama/Hillary are the ruination of the United States!! Why aren't other Federal Employees docked as well? This is obviously another Democrat Boondoggle!! Disgusting!!
Jun 13th, 2016
Someone from Wichita, KS signed.
May 26th, 2016
Someone from Hebbronville, TX writes:
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How do you sleep at night? Do you really represent the people and act in the best interest of our country in protecting our nation? Have you ever been in the line of fire like the men & women of the Border Patrol? Well, you should try putting yourself in their boots and see what it's like. Cutting their pay, Really. You should give them a pay raise, not dock their pay. You should give yourselves a 40% cut and put that wasted money in the the BP budget. You are just stuffed shirts in Congress that don't earn your money. You should invest more on border security than spending millions on your E-MAILS investigations. "THAT IS" a waste of money. Your are the ones who should be putting in more hours and should get paid only for the time that you work. NO PAY FOR RECESS TIME. Try it, maybe you can adjust to your "new salary" just as BP has been made to do.
May 17th, 2016
Someone from Mcallen, TX writes:
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This is like stealing money and hours from bp agents . My husband works more than 10 hours occasionally and yet he won't get paid ov . He works very hard and risk his life everyday out there in the field to simply get a cut in his paycheck. Something has to be done. It is very hard for our families and very stressful.
Mar 30th, 2016
Someone from Long Beach, CA signed.
Mar 30th, 2016
Someone from Long Beach, CA signed.
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