Border Patrol Agent's pay and hours facing a sudden and dramatic 40% cut

Prevent a sudden reduction to Border Patrol Agents' pay and hours which will pose a major threat to national security and cause immense stress to thousands of dedicated Border Patrol agents

Unless immediate Congressional action is taken to reverse course, in less than a month Border Patrol agents will be facing immediate pay cuts of about 38-40%. Following only a few weeks of formal notification, these cuts will hit dedicated agents and cause a great deal of stress to those who already bravely risk their lives everyday protecting our nation?s Borders. These cuts not only pose a major threat to National Security but are an insult to those who have bled, sweat, sacrificed limbs, lost their careers due to injury, and died in the name of their agency and country. The nature of the job is grueling but agents work tirelessly in extreme conditions to make sure the job gets done. The job itself is inherently dangerous, as highlighted by the fact of the number of agents killed in the line of duty. While other federal workers are facing some level of reduced hours and pay cuts due to the pending furloughs, no other federal employees are due to suffer anything close to this level of dramatic cuts. In fact the Border Patrol agents are being asked to shoulder approximately 75% of the cuts that are hitting their agency. Our nation?s border security will be put at much greater risk following the immediate discontinuation of overtime pay, which is a neccessity to be effective and get the job done when performing border security law enforcement work.

This is no way to treat the men and women of the Border Patrol who have the important and dangerous job of protecting our nation's borders from terrorists, terrorist weapons, and narcotics smugglers.