Bill of Rights for Bereaved Military Families

Protect the Human Rights of Our Nations Military and Their Families!

Statistics show 1 in 4 Military Deaths are Non-Combat Related; an unacceptable number for Military Families and for our Country's National Security and Defense.

Each month the Department of Defense releases historically high suicide statistics. However, upon closer examination anyone can see it is releasing numbers based on assumptions and incomplete death investigations.

Although the Cause and Manner of these Military Non-Combat Deaths may differ, the similarity of inadequate Military Death Investigations and the disrespect for the Military Deceased and Bereaved Military Families is consistent.

Inadequate Military Death Investigations and Human Rights Violations involving Death Investigations of U.S Military Deceased have been documented for decades. The resulting damage from these flawed investigations include military families being given incorrect information relating to their loved ones death; up to and including an incorrect official cause of death.

Our country is spending countless tax dollars to fund programs aimed at reducing PTSD suicides, yet many of these "suicides" may actually be murders, medical negligence or accidents.

To support this, there is an increasing number of military families being put in the position of having to investigate their loved ones death. Amassing evidence that includes, witness statements, forensic/crime scene reconstruction and medical reports, these military families have no unbiased, independent forum in which to present evidence and challenge a flawed investigation.

Please join the organization Military Families for Justice in petitioning the United States government to adopt mandates protecting the human rights of our military families with a Bill of Rights for Bereaved Military Families.

This all-encompassing Bill will provide an avenue to justice for every Bereaved Military Family by mandating the following:

*Human Rights to Bereaved Military Families enforcing assurances their loved ones deaths will be correctly and thoroughly investigated and that all evidence collected be preserved indefinitely in one central and controlled location.

*Right of Bereaved Military Families to an Independent Public Inquest Hearing where all evidence, relating to the death of the Military Deceased, be presented in its entirety irrelevant to the jurisdiction of the death (civilian, federal, Military Installation, CONUS, OCONUS property) and without statute of limitations.

*Human Rights of Bereaved Military Families by allowing them a voice and legal counsel during investigative Inquest Proceedings

*Enhanced awareness of these established rights for Bereaved Military Families by working hand-in-hand with government initiatives such as Joining Forces.

*The right of a Bereaved Military Family to fully participate and "speak for the Deceased", with legal counsel, during the Independent Public Inquest Hearing

*The right of a Bereaved Military Family to full disclosure of all documents and evidence pertaining to the death of the Military Deceased.

*The right of a Bereaved Military Family, at Inquest, to enter into evidence with legal counsel, discovery of all information relating to the death of the Military Deceased.

*The right of a Bereaved Military Family, at Inquest, to challenge, with legal counsel and expert witness testimony, all evidence and testimony relating to the death of the Military Deceased

*The right of a Bereaved Military Family to subpoena witnesses

*The right of the Bereaved Military Family to have all records, proven to be inaccurate, false or unsupported, to be permanently removed from the official record of the Military Deceased

Please join us in our efforts to put an end to this injustice! Please email and ask your State Representatives to Sponsor this Bill!

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Public Comments (2,281)
1 day ago
Someone from Bolivar, MO writes:
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Heard about this from Crime Junkies podcast. I was raised in an Air Force family and told my father I wanted to join the AF. He flat refused to let me. Smart man! These families not only have lost love ones but it seems the support of their own country. Where is the transparency in these cases ? These families have been put through enough.
2 days ago
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its disgusting our US military can get away with these crimes. thank you crime junkies for keeping us informed.
2 days ago
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its disgusting our US military can get away with these crimes. thank you crime junkies for keeping us informed.
Apr 16th, 2019
Maren B. from Phoenix, AZ writes:
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Also sent here by Crime Junkies. Blatant abuse of justice by the military system. How can you tell families their loved one died of suicide when foul play was clearly involved? Rampant mistreatment of women in the armed forces. Just disgusting.
Apr 12th, 2019
Nicole C. from Verona, NJ writes:
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Thank you Crime Junkies for bringing awareness to this. Every single American should be aware and concerned of this injustice.. sign the petition while you’re on the site. We need to protect the ones who protect us.
Apr 6th, 2019
Margaret R. from Gansevoort, NY writes:
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Heard about this through Crime Junkie. The military needs to be held accountable for the murders of US citizens trying to serve. Their familys deserve answers and closure.
Apr 5th, 2019
Joyce C. from North Liberty, IA writes:
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Was sent here from crime junkies, can't believe the injustice going on in plain sight. HERE FOR CHANGE!
Apr 4th, 2019
Someone from Tucson, AZ writes:
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I was sent here by Crime Junkies Podcast! This episode was incredibly difficult to listen to and even harder to accept! I sincerely hope that all these families get the justice they deserve. Their loved ones are VICTIMS OF WRONGFUL DEATH NOT SUICIDE!! Please sign this petition to get their voices heard.
Apr 2nd, 2019
Emma R. from Stratford, CT writes:
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Heard about this issue from the Crime Junkie podcast. I was previously unaware of these coverups, and hope that these families receive the justice and truth they deserve.
Apr 2nd, 2019
Someone from Clarksville, TN writes:
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None of the documents of my husbands LOD investigation were accurate. Wrong name, wrong hospital, falsely identifying his body, wrong DOD, wrong date of arrival.... it is up to me to prove they are inaccurate. There is no process to validate any of the submitted documents, they’re simply accepted as fact. The determination based off these inaccurate documents has impacted every single aspect of our lives.

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