Biden don’t be a Hypocrite STOP THE MASS SHOOTING

My name is Brian Bustamante and I have information on the mass shooting and the reason I know this is because I live it everyday to start off I’m not a conspiracy theorist so it’s not like I lived my whole life looking for what the government is doing or nothing like that. I found out all this ass the years passed what drives a person to kill because of hearing voices if you look this up it’s all the same bull shit they blame mental illness RIGHT but the truth is that the V2k mind control technology is the cause of it I have been on there kill list for 6 years and it’s the same thing everyday. Hears the thing I pray to the holy death which is LA SANTA MUERTE she helps people that need help in situations where there’s injustice so I’m doing fine and I’m not really worried because of all the information I know they can’t surprise me they blank your mind then put a thought in you mind make you feel pressure in back of your head to make the feeling of or make you anger then use your emotions against you by recreating the feeling of them anger sadness or worries jealousy and the biggest one is fear and with me they make me feel hot like if I was burning and they will say the devil is in side you they tell you that for you to let them use your body but the stupid idiots will still have to tell you that to walk or pick of something they call us sleeper agents it’s all a mental manipulate practically that’s what mind control is like right now there pretending they don’t care but obviously common sense says there retarded I have a YouTube called mindlessx3 and the one thing they hate is people talking shit about them so that’s what I do I have sent letters to the FBI about this but they are all in it they can’t blame it on terrorized because they don’t investigate. I figured out a way to show Americans what it is to be in there kill list I just haven’t made the videos yet as you walk or go anywhere they will point you to what direction to go with arrows they will show you words and or say them like kill or get a weapon and show you the same images in your eyes and the thing is they have a loud static noises when they try to make you do something it’s absolutely a weapon to kill Americans and all you have to do is look up MlND CONTROL PATENT LIST in one of my videos I have all the patents numbers and that’s if they didn’t erase it they have all my passwords because what I know they know they hacked my Facebook Snapchat all of my device on my WiFi are remote monitored and they leave comments on my YouTube with fake profiles and like know they blank my mind and the one moment they make it seem like I forgot one thing they try by someone saying one thing like I WANT TO KILL MY SELF which after a while it’s pathetic to hear them say and this is the thing eventually all this will come out even they know this they keep acting like there the victim even after there killing Americans Wordpress has already commented on it but the things is that no one knows really what I know because they try and my fate is so high with her that they can’t move me they won’t even show me images of her because it’s like making fun of her and LA SANTA MUERTE IS vengeful she can give you anything you want and what I want is the free all these people they torture and stop the killing of the innocent they are killing kids too but if you say anything about them and there family they over react which is funny to me because if I would’ve never did it I wouldn’t have the information I have they even stopped gang stalking me because they hate me so much that they where damaging my cars destroying my equipment and it all stopped well I haven’t seen it personally but there has to be someone watching and when this all started they where trying to make me kill Donald Trump and I reported this and one agent came and that’s it no investigation or nothing so the government knows but there hoping theses idiots can get this done hahaha this people are all actors that’s it they act hard but in reality there pancakes there all soft in the inside and that’s one thing I’m am trying to tell people is to not fear them because in all reality what is going to happen to them when America finds out they are in a business that kills people and all they will be is liability because one of them can sink the government so use your imagination what will they do and this is the reason why they are mad because they where to stupid and retard to not read the fine print even the president will look like a hypocrite because he is going to all these mass shooting knowing that the government is doing them all these people saying that this is happening and with me they make it obvious that they are doing it not hiding say they work for the government saying there agents with me they say that the cia wants me dead every time they talk to me there’s a loud static noise which that’s what blocks them for being recorded all this will come out in Biden presidency there are protest going and American will find out and lose all trust in the government And the fbi won’t investigate there’s people in the government that need to be in prison because of this if you want to help don’t just show up and feel sorry for the victims you need to investigate all you have to do is look up MIND CONTROL PATENT LIST and PEOPLE THAT KILL BECAUSE OF HEARING VOICES the American money says IN GOD WE TRUST and the government is using this technology saying that there the DEVIL showing images of him to kill Americans there are lawsuits and I have email this information to the news station MAKE A CHANGE in AMERICA