Being a father

My name is Justin Gregory I live in Franklin county indiana. Since January 2018 my wife Sara [Beneker] Gregory has and still continues to keep my now 7 year old son [Benjamin] away from me just out of spite. In June of 2018 I was on probation for driving without a license htv and violated and was arrested in August she had cps allegations for child neglect and child abandoned with my child and her other 3. On August 23 I was notified by cps in jail that without any notice to anyone she failed to appear to court and fled the state to kettle falls Washington with new boyfriend taking two of the four minor children with her. When I was released I found where she was living and a contact nunber. I constantly continued to let her know that I wanted to be a part of my son life as well as his whole family, grandmother, grandfather's aunts, uncles, brother and sister's til she blocked me on everyway I could reach them in September of 2020 I filed for a divorce in the state and county where we where married in,Where we where raised in and where our son was born in also. To only find out that Washington state a place I've never been 2000 miles away now has jurisdiction over my son. So the court could do anything. So I did some research and filed for a divorce in stevens county Colville Washington paid the Sheriff to hand delivere the reasonable
Parent plan and divorce papers. Still no response from her. Then waited over the time she had to respond and filed motion for default. The judge in superior court excepted payment then wrote me back saying that I filed to early. Waited another 92 days filed again. Again he excepted payment and granted it. Filed a motion for a final hearing. 3 days before the final hearing the judge let's Sara file a motion to set aside. Tells me in court he's not ruling his court on technicality and blows me off and the year and the 2 years worth of work and motions I filed. In my opinion Completely incompetent of holing a position to represent the state.and continues to let me have any contact with my son. Nor grant my divorce. It's 4 in a have years since I've seen my son, 20 months of them I was incarcerated for driving without a license in indiana. And on top that my beloved 13 son from a prior marriage lucas Gregory who I had custody of and left with my parents takes his own life on February 2nd 2019. God rest his soul. I'm trying everything I can to be in my sons life. I wish I had the money for a attorney. They are very costly in my situation especially without a drivers license. Franklin county deny without any reason for me to obtain one and that was with a paid attorney. I still have sole custody of my daughter who lives with me. Any help would be greatly appreciated
Justin Gregory
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