Banning Chemical Restraints on our Youth in Foster Homes throughout The United States and United States Territories for good

Greetings, Senates of The United States, House of Representatives of The United States and Commander in Chief, I'm Counsel LaShelle Monique Smith and mother of 7 children writing to everyone who receives and reviews this message from myself on this evening of May 15,2020 at approximately 11:20 p.m. As I write this message, it troubles my heart and mind of deep concern that children throughout the States of Texas and in several states throughout The United States are being exposed to chemical restraining and some are as young as 1 and 2 years of age. Our youth in the foster care system are to be placed away from danger and not put back into it. So why would honorable judges all over approve such inhumane acts as a means for our children to soon become exposed and dependent upon antipsychotic, psychotropic and anti depressants that under experienced psychiatrists are prescribing as a means to alleviate the stress of foster and adoptive parents that aren't equipped to handle?Why would these psychiatrists and under experienced physicians with little to no experience prescribe our youth medications that a psychiatrists conditions conclude as a means for these harmful drugs? I don't know nor understand. I'm especially speaking because I have children in the system that this madness is occuring with. I will also state this matter that we live in The State of Texas and under Texas Administrative Code Subchapter (E) paragraph (3) chemical restraints are prohibited in The State of Texas and the medication is still being administered to my children. Despite of my many attempts to report the issue and submit complaints, my children are still being given these medications. I'm pretty accurate in the other 50 states and United States Territories that chemical restraints are prohibited. I know more for certain that is here in The State of Texas. So this petition is my next course of action to get the message out on how our Texas foster homes are currently operating and probably longer than this. It's really unbelievable to think that as a taxpayer and United States American citizen with rights that are protected under The United States Constitution,as we'll as any other American citizen with 7 beautiful children and them currently im foster care that our rights are constantly deprived and violated for wanting what's best for our children and being met with resistance for loving and speaking out against tyranny that occurs in The Texas Child Protective Services Department and Texas foster care system. It happens so much here in The State of Texas to where it's over populated with this madness and much much more. A lot of parents here face the fear of losing there children for speaking against the corruption occurring here in the State of Texas especially in Abilene, Texas. There's a lot of corruption in our courthouse, child protective service office and attorneys here file motions wanting the family judge to grant permission to keep our youth on these harmful and powerful drugs. Since the parents here are afraid to speak out, I'm the voice for each and everyone of us, not just here, all over the State of Texas. Our district, justice and Supreme court system is so bias and non understanding here. Nine times out of ten these courts will reject your case from the Supreme court, affirm the corruption in justice courts and deny the parent the means of speaking out and saying no especially when it's a point where it can harm your child or children. I'm really hoping that we parents petition for all of our children that this is occuring with is heard and deeply considered. I know I can't receive legal advice, what I'm looking for is for someone to understand where we come from and keep us all lifted up in all your prayers as we battle this long hard journey. I'm a very faithful woman and GOD led me to write this petition tonight. GOD BLESS YOU ALL. BE BLESSED ALWAYS.
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