Ban the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)

To call on Congress and the White House to discontinue and ban outright the use of unmanned drones.

There are security risks with the use of unmanned drones that are obviously left unresolved. There is concern that these drones could misused and used maliciously against civilians. There is also concern that these drones could also be intercepted by the Taliban and Al-Qaida and be used against Americans at home and overseas. Drones have already killed civilians and military servicemen, so it is imperative that the government place very strict restrictions on drones and how they are used. Most importantly, it should be prohibited by law to use drones to spy on Americans. To spy on Americans 24/7 is highly unconstitutional and inhumane, because it only takes one drone to create a security breach. Drones could also be subject to malicious cyber attacks by hackers and be infected with viruses and other malware, another major concern being expressed. I am speaking for myself and for countless others who are pleading with the government to adhere to the Constitution.

Disconcertingly, a drone industry trade group that deemed "civil liberties" a barrier to their growth also boasted that Congress adopted their suggested changes to this legislation "word for word."

We can't let the drone industry dictate how the FAA writes the final regulations. But that's exactly what will happen if they're the only ones who weigh in.

Drones greatly increase the capacity for domestic surveillance. Gigapixel cameras used to outfit drones are among the highest definition cameras available, and can "provide real-time video streams at a rate of 10 frames a second." On some drones, operators can track up to 65 different targets across a distance of 65 square miles. Drones may also carry infrared cameras, heat sensors, GPS, sensors that detect movement, and automated license plate readers. In the near future these camera may include facial recognition technology that would make it possible to remotely identify individuals in parks, schools, and at political gatherings. In sum, drones have the capacity to capture huge amounts of information in a way that's relatively cheaper and easier (not to mention, more detailed and more discreet) than what can be done by, for example, someone flying in a helicopter.

The privacy implications of unleashing thousands of these sophisticated surveillance devices into American airspace must factor into any regulations that govern their use.

But while the FAA has no authority to regulate drone use overseas, we must speak out at this critical time to prevent what amounts to a significant escalation of their use domestically.

That is why it is so important to speak out now and tell the FAA not to let drones spy on Americans.

We want Congress to repeal or at least amend H.R.658 to clearly, explicitly and formally indicate and specify that drones are NOT to be used to spy on Americans, neither at home, nor abroad, and amend H.R.658 to protect Americans and their privacy. I would really appreciate it!!! Thank you for your time a