Ban importation of 200,000 Syrian migrants into the US

Congress should pass a ban to stop Barack Obama from bringing into the US 200,000 Syrian migrants currently flooding Europe

Recently ISIS savages slaughtered over 120 unarmed people in Paris. ISIS announced that it will embed its' fighters among hundreds of thousands of migrants flooding Europe today. Barack Obama announced that he will bring 200,000 of these migrants into the US. In light of Paris attacks these actions represent a clear and present danger to US citizens. Petitioner Taitz proposes "Taitz act", ban by the US Congress on importation into the U.S. of any of Syrian and other migrants currently flooding Europe. If Barack Obama attempts to violate such ban, US Congress should impeach Obama and remove from office for treason

By Dr. Orly Taitz ESQ

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Mar 2nd, 2019
Freda O. from Twin Falls, ID writes:
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The Color of Law MUST Go! "God Bless America and the Constitution" "Amen"
Jan 10th, 2019
Karen B. from Jemez Pueblo, NM writes:
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No more Muslims.
Nov 26th, 2017
Someone from San Diego, CA writes:
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Let them set up a peaceful part of Syria. There is no logical reason to bring these people here!
Nov 18th, 2017
Nancy D. from Brooklyn, NY signed.
Nov 15th, 2017
Efin R. from Brooklyn, NY signed.
Nov 14th, 2017
Someone from San Leandro, CA writes:
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Stop wasting our money!!
Oct 13th, 2017
Someone from Minneapolis, MN writes:
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It's time to stop concerning ourselves with the scum of the 3rd world that come to America to squat, leech, and become a burden on America and some even kill and spread drugs and disease here! They are not immigrating in any legal way, doing this. And America needs President Trump to stop this, ASAP! And deport every single illegal in America, so we can stop them from spending us into the poor house!
May 26th, 2017
Someone from Fort Mill, SC writes:
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REFUGEES: All part of the sneaky globalist strategy. That is, upset the Mid-east with wars, which produces refugees. The Muslim refugees are then brought into various Christian/Jewish countries to destroy their national identity and culture. The mixture of Christian/Jewish peoples with the Muslims refugees, causes division (i.e. today's Europe), which results in mission accomplished. That is, divide and conquer. With the whole world of Christian/Jews fighting with the Muslims refugees, that's a good time to bring in the One World dictator who supposedly has a peaceful solution. That is, a no Gods allowed society. Behead all those who do not conform. Do you think I'm kidding? If so, read in your Bible Revelation 20:4. In other words Let the Christians/Jews and Muslims fight among themselves, less people then to behead.
May 19th, 2017
Robert R. from Seattle, WA writes:
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Stop all immigration period. The country is overpopulated, the major cities under democrat control are war zones and murder is rampant. The highways near cities are jammed with traffic backed up for miles. It takes an hour each way to go to work. Why bring in more homeless people with out jobs and housing to scam on the taxpayers. Forty seven percent of migrants remain on welfare for life. The ones who do work take jobs from US citizens. They are raping the taxpayer and us citizens. Take care of our own homeless instead of homeless migrants. Why would the democrats want more people when the favor aborting the unborn.
May 15th, 2017
Someone from Philadelphia, PA writes:
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Most MUSLIMS COMING TO THE USA are NOT coming to be Americans! They ARE coming to DESTROY CHRISTIANITY and CHRISTIANS by gaining a MAJORITY of voters and tossing America's Founding Documents into the trash can and instituting SHARIA LAW IN PLACE OF OUR BELOVED FOUNDING DOCUMENTS! Author of a NEW BOOK "Stealth InVASION"exposes the REALITY of why Muslims are coming to America! THEY ARE COMING TO CONQUER CHRISTIAN AMERICA and REPLACING CHRISTIANITY WITH MUSLIM (ISLAM).Those Americans resisting Islam will simply be beheaded on NATIONAL TELEVISION causing the great majority of Americans NOT TO RESIST being made muslims against their will! Leo Hohmann the author of Stealth Invasion has seen thru the hyporacy of those muslims currently residing in the USA and sees their Lack of desire in being true Americans! Manny surveys have already taken place asking muslims living here in the USA which Law they preferred Sharia or the Constitution! A MAJORITY of USA MUSLIMS SAID THEY EASILY PREFER SHARIA LAW OVER AND ABOVE THE USA CONSTITUTION! Some Muslims have implied the USA Constitution is INFERIOR to their Superior SHARIA LAW! So fundamentally NO assimulation HAS or IS taking place among "American"Muslims who are waiting for the time when Muslims OUTNUMBER genuine American citizens so that the muslim voting block will be so huge that Muslims will takeover the USA by sheer voting power!

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