Ban chemicals and dyes in US that are deemed unsafe and harmful in other developed countries

After much research and self discovery it has come to the awareness of many Americans that our government is not preventing corporations from causing us physical mental damage from the food we allow. If countries like Australia and majority of Europe has deemed dyes to be dangerous and harmful for their citizens why should ignorant Americans be pumped full of them. Having to walk through American grocery stores with a magnifying glass and multiple apps to very the ingredients in our food is safe and healthy for me as a pregnant woman or for my children is absurd. The multitude of health issues I have had throughout my life that are “side effects” of these unnecessary chemicals being added to our food is disgusting and should be made priority! The further we get from safe health and natural the more health concerns we will see in the coming generations. With so much news surrounding how we care for the health of our neighbors over the last 3 years it seems pretty simple for the governing forces to implement the same standards for the ingredients these multi millionaire dollar corporations are using to sell ONLY in the United States because these same ingredients have been removed to allow sales in these countries who have prioritized their citizens health. This is just another example of how our government is not for the people but the corporations who line their campaigns and fundraising budgets. It should disgust ALL governing agents to be associated and sitting next to people who were elected into these roles by people who entrusted their interests, health, and safety to be considered and yet a paycheck is of greater value. If you have not done your own research on the facts surrounding these dyes and artificial chemicals and preservatives that are being used in our food I would highly recommend it. The FDA is quickly becoming an untrusted agency because they continue to allow the American people to fall to the wayside to the corporate agenda. The fact that animal by product is now being used to creat lab created meat is something far worse than the sci-fi dystopian future books and movies have attempted to normalize. These standards and procedures are causing such severe harm to Americans, there’s a great majority who will never find comfort in their own body because the foods accessible to them are literally killing them. As a global food source it is important these process and procedures laid out from all nations are considered when producing and selling food from our country. However, it seems what is being imported is not being held to these same standards because the concern for what we as the American people are ingesting is not nearly as concerning as nations elsewhere. It’s saddening it is helpless as an American to know I have to monitor every ingredient in the products my country claims are safe. The distrust in this country for governing systems will never end if you continue to prioritize corporations over people. This isn’t a difficult precedent to withhold look to the developed nations that have already accomplished this and DO IT BETTER!