Ban the Altering of Images in Magazines and Advertisements

Bring true beauty out and eliminate fake, unattainable standards promoted in the media.

Many people feel unhappy with their bodies, with growing numbers of women as well as men being admitted into hospitals for anorexia or bulimia treatment, as well as for depression. Something needs to be done in order to decrease the clutter of images that promotes a standard of beauty so false that it can only be achieved solely by manipulating a photograph of an already slender model or celebrity.

Britain's Liberal Democrats have already taken a stand by calling for the prohibition of faked photos that present ?overly perfected and unrealistic images? of women in ads aimed at children 16 and under as well as warning labels on similar ads aimed at adults.

The U.S Congress should support the banning of altered images in the media for it only deceives the American people into thinking that the beauty displayed in these altered photographs are true. The U.S should impose a law that ban every photographer, magazine editor, graphic editors, etc from retouching/airbrushing images completely.

We owe it to our future generations to develop a healthy body image in order to decrease the amount of people who have had to face an illness such as anorexia. The elimination of altering images in the media can be the beginning to the acceptance of realistic beauty.