Bad veterinarians need to be punished !

My poor cat Tuxy was brought to dr Hasham El Akbawy at Lincoln ave cat hospital in Fairlawn New Jersey for rear leg amputation because the leg was broken at the joint and was infected with maggots. I was completely lied to about their capability to perform a safe and successful operation. Surgery was done and was even sent a photo after showing how this doctor butchered the amputation. My cats leg was splintered off at the end of the bone which is not the way amputations are performed. Two and a half days later my cat died. They said they did not realize his infection traveled. A complete lie ! My cats blood work and vitals were all good. All test were done one day prior before going to this butcher Akbawy. The first vet was just asking an astronomical amount to do the surgery. Only went to this butcher because I was referred to him. And now I have the deepest regrets. This vet will not release my cats records nor will he speak to me on the phone. Not one phone call ! After researching him on line, I found many many horrible complaints about how he had killed other people’s cats and dogs and offering no explanation and will not even speak to the owners. Vets like this need to be put in jail and of course lose their liscense for the rest of their life. And to think he couldn’t be more neglectful, he left my cat in the refrigerator and not the freezer for seven days rotting away with maggots. I never would have found this out if I didn’t hire my own crematory company to pick up Tuxy. I saw my cats appalling condition when I went for the viewing and I was horrified by what I saw ! This bastard let my cat rot away like trash ! This butcher had been getting away with killing and harming people’s pets for decades and it needs to STOP now !!