Bad environment for me going to va hospital facing battered airman syndrome aggravated by va police and doctors abuse and discrimination to the point of stroke b/p 220/130.

Indict judges and legislators prosecutor s that knowingly violate constitutional protected activity . That is what's causeing gun violence, the Brady bill is malicious prosecution, and a violation of the social contract ,to law abiding citizens . Corruption means president and va officials and government agencies Gov t officials creating lawless crime by violations of the constitution. Representatives that infringement on constitutional protected activity are doing a crime denial of rights that is what the gun lobbying is hypocritical politicians and mayor's like in Ironton Ohio. Selective prosecution is a crime. The gun violence is and was here since 1600 s when the slaves were freed cops lynched blacks and looked the other way that is what's going on that's why the government does not prosecute 42 title usc242 1983 because of crimes they are doing. Weaponizeing the government that's the problem. And reason for gun violence . Brady bill is unjustice 2nd amendment is for tyranny for the implementation that no one is above the law no judge violations. There are judges that must be pulled of of the seat for violations of constitutional rights
Prosecution is not upholding my rights when asked. Criminal government here in usa will be the downfall of this society. Why do you think veterans should be denied guns when on the va hospitals hypocritical 1st an 2nd and 4th amendment violation is a crime 2 faced criminal contempt for the constitution is why you have gun crimes in the street. I can not get community care at the VA hospital I need out side the va community care but time goes by unanswered Philadelphia va is tauting me with guns dirty va police dogs that hurt veterans all day and sit in dog house. Criminals that's why I want outside va care. You crafted the laws against people of color 42 title usc 241 conspiracy to obstruction of rights 2 face legislators are a liability
I need change. Moral is l I st we can not give Ukraine money we do not have for disabled vets
Any public officials that violate s constitutional laws are criminals like Trump.