Baby PJ

I _the relative_ am writing this letter to request a former investigation for criminal activity by the following state agency being CPS Pierre SD. The state worker name involved in said criminal activity is_Brandy Coppersmith, Mike Watson, Betsy Martin . That individuals supervisor through said agency of SD CPS office, located at the address off Pierre in the state of South Dakota, in the county of Hughes, supervisor name being ,Mike Puitzer. The laws and criminal activity involved is of the following starting with Misappropriation of state funds of the state of South Dakota. Funds being misappropriated by this worker are fund applied to court cost in the following court case being Sm andPJ , held at the following court Hughes, at the address of Pierre, SD, in the state of South Dakota. I the parent of PJ, have been accused of neglect, abuse , child endangerment. There hasn’t been any rulings on said allegations so by proceeding with said case this is Misappropriation of state and county resources being the local justice system. and courts. This also is clear violation of civil rights in the area of Malicious prosecution occurring in the court of Hughes County with the case being CPS V Sm and pj The following is the name of the judge or judges involved in the case Mayer. The attorneys involved in the case are Wade Fischer- Father; Katie Thompson-Child; Jeromy Pankratz- Mother; DH =- Tribe for the defendant being the parents of PJ and the parents name are MS and PJ. The attorneys for the plaintiffs being SD States Attorney-Dan Todd and the plaintiffs in the case are SD Department of Social Services-Pierre SD. Again the criminal activity is Misappropriation of state funds by state workers accused, Misappropriation of state resources being the courts , Civil right violation by case workers being Malicious prosecution, False pretense in court case, Misappropriation of Federal funds obtained for child involved in said allegations , intent to defraud the federal government by illegal placement of child in state custody and other civil right violation of Denial of due process in court case involving said state worker