Audible ADA signage

Requirement for audible-braille signage:
Audible-Braille Signage would provide the visually impaired the ability to locate the audible-braille sign he or she is searching for, without assistance, as currently there is no way to find the lavatory or exit to a facility without such.
The goal is to enforce the requirement for ADA signage and audible devices to work cohesively in public facilities to alert and direct the commander of the audible device to the location of the audible device/sign (i.e.: restroom, public intersection, public entrance/public exit, etc.).
Creating signage with a universally designed tone language (i.e.: men’s restroom = - -, women’s restroom = • - -), provides audible ADA signage the ability to expand into a global sign market in which visually impaired persons throughout the world can locate public facilities at their own leisure.

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