President's Information gathering is DISTURBING

President Obama and esteemed members of Congress;

The recent creation of the web-site that is a portal for Americans to report and snitch on their neighbors, friends and family is quite disturbing and reminiscent of some Communist country.

It is funded and paid for by "Obama for America" which we know is the main campaign engine for President Obama's re-election campaign and President Obama cannot claim he has no control or input over such a site. It is plain and simple; this is nothing more than an effort to "Intimidate the American people" and it should be condemned.

President Obama tried this very same tactic during the health care debate when he had his staff post a link on the "Official White House Page" asking for the same type of information. After massive public pushback and from several members of Congress as well, President Obama had that link removed. It basically asked for the same type of information, snitch on your neighbor, friends and family.

I think the President is fully aware of this site and has had to approve it as Obama for America is one of his largest machines. He has not condemned it therefore he condones it. President Obama's silence is deafening to America, it sends a clear and distinct message along with the recent string of hate speeches from members of the Black Caucus, Unions, and other powerful and influential people in this country.

We will NOT BE INTIMIDATED by these tactics and DEMAND that president Obama condemn the website and have it shut down immediately. Having the President and or his speakers say that the President cannot be responsible for everything that people or groups does will not fly, period!

What other reason other than intimidation could this site possibly exist? President Obama's own staff could spend 30 seconds a day on twitter, Facebook or any other site that exists out here to see that AMERICANS are fed up with these tactics.

I am asking my esteemed members of Congress and as a registered voter to publicly condemn this site and President Obama's complicity in it as well and demand that the President speak to this issue and have this site taken down. An official in such a position should be forbidden to partake in such an intimidation tactic and should be ashamed of himself for being involved with it. It is clearly aimed to impede on our right to free speech.

America has had enough of these strong arm tactics and excessive lack of leadership from the President of the United States of America, we deserve and DEMAND better!