Assyrian Homeland

Assyrians', the indigenous people of Iraq, have become over 40% of Iraq's Refugees, something needs to be done.

We the undersigned, respectfully request that the Assyrians' be given their own region in northern Iraq, their indigenous homeland. This "Assyrian region" should be created according to the federal system in the Iraqi constitution, equally with other groups, annexed directly to the central government. The Assyrians have been persecuted for centuries, and one of the results of the latest war in Iraq is that there are currently over five hundred thousand Assyrian refugees. Furthermore, The Assyrians' have been stripped of their human rights, and as a nation that prides itself on accomplishing "justice for all", we need to take swift action. It would be sad to see a nation that has been in existence in its motherland for thousands of years to become completely depleted from the area. Please look into addressing this crisis before it is too late. Thank you.