Mass Shootings in the United States dating as far back as at least Columbine High School in the 1990s have become such a pervasive part of everyday life in America. I fear for the everyday American who's going to a place of worship, a supermarket, a platform of higher education. Against the back drop of rampant alcohol-involved traffic fatalities, the minimum age to consume jumped from 18 to 21 years of age, yet those deemed "underage" were still allowed to purchase assault rifles. Mental Health Assessments, with regards to who's actively in control of a firearm is not a requirement for short or long-term ownership. With the inundation of after-market firearm accessories, one could pose the question as to why any accessories intended to alter any platform expected to expel a projectile at another structure, person, or animal does not have a traceable serial number. Furthermore, a federally owned database capable of monitoring ALL serial numbered and legally registered is critical to the accountability of weapons in the US. Moving on, ALL gun owners must be required to purchase and maintain liability insurance.