Armenians' brutality against Azerbaijan

Dear sir/ma'm, Kindly ask you take an action. It's 30 years, our territories are under Armenian aggression. In 1992/94 they occupied Azerbaijan's territory of Nagorno Karabagh. They killed a lot of people with extreme ferocity. They tortured civilians. They cut the live peoples' body, they burned, broke etc. They did vandalism that I can't tell sample which country did it before. Hundres of our civilians they took as a hostage and did very unimaginable vandalism. They cut the pregnant women's womb and took out the baby. They cut our people' throat and remove it from the body etc. It's very barbarian and I can't find what is It's name. But It's 30 years, although all the nations,organizations accepted that Karabagh is Azerbaijan territory, the armenians don't want to return our territories. Every years they attacked and killed a lot of civilians and soldiers. In September, their rocket ? killed a family that had 4 people who 2 of them were school aged siblings. After that, our army responded them and apparently there's a war between them. They didn't want to stop and they attacked to other cities which are out of Karabagh. They are Ganja city, Mingacaur city, Khizi, Barda etc. During their attack, 28 civilians were killed and lots of wounded plus a lot of damage happened. The armenians' attack is outlaw and it's a crime again. Their intention, to occupy more territories and expand theirs, kill the Azerbaijan people. In their artificial maps, it's proved that they have dirty intention. Since the past decades to nowadays they do a crime against Azerbaijan. I can prove it with photos but on the high level, my government can prove all the armenians' crime and what a dangerous people are they. They treat like a innocent but if you check the history, you'll be witness that how savage are they.Kindly ask you spread my words to others and stop armenians' ferocity and barbarian manner against Azerbaijan. Save our lives from cruel armenians. It's not a criticism but i wanted to explain how awful and dangerous are they.

Best regards.

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