Arizona CPS/DCS Corruption

Arizona has kidnapped my nephews and it's been an ongoing battle of corruption for over 2 years now.

As stated in my description, State of Arizona kidnapped my nephews almost 2 years ago. My brother, after years of court battles with them has gotten no-where. Now, there has been evidence of the children being abused by the foster care parents they are with. All this has been reported to the courts and to CPS. All CPS has done is deny and stonewall us and the court. This is getting a little out of hand. I have even offered to take custody of my own kin and I have gotten stonewalled as well. CPS has no-basis for retaining custody of these kids any longer. Our attorney is completely furious with the lack of decency in the court.

I am hoping someone will see this that has the power to open a federal investigation about this. There are many more families just like mine, that are innocent, and are suffering because of the corruption in the State of Arizona. Someone needs to do their job and investigate this department. I am a Veteran of this great nation and so is most of my family. I think that should at least count for something these days. Maybe I am wrong.

Thank you.