Are they abusive

I was granted a 3-year Domestic Violence Restraining Order on 2/28/20 against the father of my 19-month old son. He lied under oath in court, I had audio proof off my home camera system so the Order was granted. He should be charged with perjury but was not. During our hearing, I found that he had a prior restraining order (not sure what it entails) from a prior girlfriend. Had I been aware of this I would have never entered into a relationship with him nor brought a child into this world with him. There needs to be a registry for abusers where evidence is fact. An abuser will abuse again. Now my son is being raised (part time) by an abuser & the odds of my son becoming one also has gone up. The cycle must be stopped, abusers must be exposed. Domestic Violence affects not only the victim, but also the children. Please help make this law.